Quarantine with children… The days go by and our mood goes up and down. This is how most children experience it, which depends on their age.

Initially the children are happy, that the whole family is gathered at home and they don’t have to wake up in the morning for school. For the first few days you would be all hugs, kisses and play (since we actually enjoy the time we get to spend together with them too). On the other hand, as time goes by, they miss their daily life, their friends, the hobbies they love to do, playing outside.

So in simple words, match your own feelings to their own age, try to explain to them what is happening, understand what they feel and continue to spend the quarantine days creatively and lovingly with the children.

We stay home and explain to the children

Children have questions about the coronavirus and many times, fears. You may have already heard the question “Is Grandma going to die?” or “Shall we leave the house again?” and others similar. For this reason, experts advise to talk to the children and explain to them often during the week what is happening and how we are proceeding with this quarantine and the virus.

After all, children look to their parents to understand what is happening and then react accordingly. If, for example, they feel that the parents are too stressed, then they will be afraid and more stressed.

As parents, we advise children on the simple practices that they must follow, based on the instructions, in their daily lives and we explain to them that in this way both they and the whole family will be fully protected.

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We watch our diet, we wash our hands very thoroughly, we take the vitamins that our family doctor and pharmacist give us and we stay at home.

Essentially, we faithfully follow our daily habits. Just as we take care of our oral hygiene every day, morning and night, we do the same with our hands.

Quarantine with children and we imagine what we will do next

There are many things we can do with children at home and we have already read several articles, with nice ideas such as :

* We do online tours in favorite Museums of the world

* We watch children’s shows online

* Together we create a story of our own, a story like a family fairy tale

* We make legos and puzzles with which we can decorate the children’s room

* We cook together

* We exercise and dance, young and old

* We organize movie nights with popcorn, appropriate lighting reminiscent of a cinema and their favorite movie

* We plant flowers and monitor their course with daily care

* We play board games

* Play games, such as classic favorites and simple Face, Animal, Thing or Mime, with our friends via video call

Another thing we can do with children though, is envision the best days to come. Ask them to prepare a list of things they want to do when we can leave the house. Some may also concern us, since they will be done with us (eg a trip). Still others may involve only them and their friends and there are also cases where the children will ask to start something completely different from what they have been doing so far.

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You see, free time is also given to them now to think about what they like to do the most. And the more creatively we spend our time with them, while staying at home, the more creative ideas their childish minds will “download”!The decision to share your life with another person is one of the most important milestones for young people. A big change, in which we begin to think differently, away from the unit of the individual and closer to the collectivity of the couple and the family.

A natural evolution of the couple is also the family and health is an important part of the changes that this joyful evolution brings. Modern life gives you the possibility to plan and choose the best time to bring a child into the world. But this process, as natural as it is, is full of hidden costs and steps that the couple must follow.

In addition, a couple who decide to start a family may face various contingencies along the way. Such as for example the investigation of fertility or some laparoscopic operation for diagnostic reasons. These are moves that the couple’s doctor may recommend, but typically aren’t covered by insurance.

So it is important to be aware of all possible scenarios and have allies on this journey. A private health insurance plan can help the couple in many areas, but there are several things you need to know to make the most of the benefits and coverage available.

Let’s see in more detail what applies today in the field of health for pregnancy and childbirth.

What about pregnancy and childbirth
The reality is that conditions have changed quite a bit in recent years compared to what was true for older generations. You’ve probably heard stories from the women in your life who gave birth in past decades that they had full coverage for the birth in private clinics.

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Indicative pregnancy and childbirth costs
Pregnancy and childbirth costs vary but are a significant part of the family budget. From laboratory and clinical tests, ultrasounds, to delivery, doctor and midwife fees and the purchase of baby products, the total cost of a pregnancy and birth is not negligible.

Indicatively, we can mention:

Laboratory test: depending on the laboratory and the participation of the insurance fund, the cost is approximately €250.
Ultrasounds: ultrasounds are not covered by the fund and their cost, depending on the exam, ranges from €100 to €140.