Surely it has happened to all of us to be shopping and see a beautiful accessory for our home decor , which we think fits incredibly well with our living room decor .

And after you buy it with great joy, when you go home you realize that you were simply enchanted by its beauty and finally it doesn’t fit your space.

In essence, home decoration and renovation needs an experienced eye, like that of an interior designer, who understands depending on the colors, the lighting, the furniture and also the size of the room, which is the best option.

There are several mistakes you make in decorating your home , but let’s look at the 10 most basic ones you should avoid.
Because when we go shopping, especially us women, we can’t help ourselves when we like something a lot, it would be good to have a plan of your house and have a certain amount of money with you before you leave your house.

In essence, you should measure the dimensions of your space and make a plan on a piece of paper, so that if you find yourself at a furniture exhibition

Also, if you have calculated the money you want to spend, it will be easier to make your purchases in moderation, since you will know how much you can still lose.
Even the most successful designers make mistakes, let alone you. Because when you see a space continuously every day, you lose the sense of how it should be and how it was before, it would be good to get a second opinion.

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Ask a friend to give you her opinion on the fabrics, colors and furniture you are thinking of using. Since he is not inside the house all the time, he will have a clearer view.

If you now don’t agree with the second person’s taste, you might as well get a third opinion.The big mistake in these cases is that you scatter them all over the room. But if you want a more correct and harmonious decoration, you should divide them into groups so that all the similar ones are togetheDon’t be afraid to dress a wall in your house with paintings, whatever kind you choose. Say you have your own gallery. Just so that the nail holes are not visible, it would be good to play with the sizes and shapes here too and not to leave a large distance between them.
A common mistake most of us make is choosing the wall colors first. That’s why he left painting for last.

First you should choose the fabrics you want to use, from throws for your sofas to curtains .

The reason you should start backwards than usual is because it is easier to match the colors of the walls with the fabrics you have bought, than to run to find the right curtains in that particular color.
Another very basic mistake is that you choose the furniture and decorations from one store and all together. So all you end up doing is making your home look like a characterless furniture exhibition. So what are you doing?

Don’t shop all together and all in the same style. Have you seen a weirder armchair and liked it? Don’t get stuck that it doesn’t have the same shape as the others, just buy it.Every room needs a focal point, which will attract the attention of whoever is in the room.

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What you should avoid is to use bright colors and impressive things throughout the room, this will result in losing your look.

Focus on just one thing, such as a striking bold painting.Yes, ok, you may be emotionally attached to some things that remind you of e.g. your grandmother, but that doesn’t mean that if you don’t like them and they spoil the image of your home, that you should keep them.

That’s why warehouses exist. Or at least let it be just a distinctive piece and not a whole collection.Your home should express your character and taste and not just some clever ideas you found from others.

Do you travel? Put a stand with various postcards or some items you have bought there. Don’t stick to simple beige walls and wooden furniture.
Home decoration with wood is a timeless and very popular trend in our country. Indeed, wood has a very impressive appearance, whatever species it belongs to. This is also the reason why many industrial woods have been created. Industrial woods are more economical and allow everyone to have the aesthetic of wood in their home.

But the question remains: How to decorate the house with wood? Every room and every area of ​​the house has unique needs. Otherwise, the wood will fit in the living room, otherwise in the bedroom, otherwise in the kitchen and the bathroom. Then, ideas for decorating with wood are presented for every room of the house.

Wood is dominant in rustic decoration
The rustic decoration style corresponds to the traditional style reminiscent of the Greek countryside. This style includes many elements of wood and the dominant color is brown, in all its shades. It also includes real plants and raw elements of nature, such as special fabrics. If you have some old wooden living room furniture then you can entrust it to a professional carpenter for maintenance and possible repair, thus creating a modern image in the living room.
The minimalist decorating style is diametrically opposed to rustic. It includes simple and straight lines, but also a small variety of colors in the space. You can also achieve minimal home decoration with wood. Choose a light shade of wood so that it is bright and pleasant. With this color you can cover the wooden floor, but also the wooden furniture.

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