Do you want to decorate the interior of your home like a pro? Looking for clever

And after you buy it with great joy, when you go home you realize that you were simply enchanted by its beauty and finally it doesn’t fit your space.

In essence, home decoration and renovation needs an experienced eye, like that of an interior designer, who understands depending on the colors, the lighting, the furniture and also the size of the room, which is the best option.

There are several mistakes you make in home decoration, but let’s look at the top 10 mistakes you should avoid.

Interior decoration scale
Perhaps the most basic mistake you make is that you choose all the objects you use in a space of the same size, with a preference for many and small decorations.

But if you want your result to be like the photos in the magazines, with ideas for the home, you should play with the different shapes and sizes in height and width, from furniture to paintings.

Budget and plan for purchases
Because when we go shopping, especially us women, we can’t help ourselves when we like something a lot, it would be good to have a plan of your house and have a certain amount of money with you before you leave your house.

In essence, you should measure the dimensions of your space and make a plan on a piece of paper, so that if you find yourself at a furniture exhibition

Ask for the opinion
Even the most successful designers make mistakes, let alone you. Because when you see a space continuously every day, you lose the sense of how it should be and how it was before, it would be good to get a second opinion.

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Ask a friend to give you her opinion on the fabrics, colors and furniture you are thinking of using.

If you now don’t agree with the second person’s taste, you might as well get a third opinion.

A common mistake most of us make is choosing the wall colors first. That’s why he left painting for last.

The reason you should start backwards than usual is because it is easier to match the colors of the walls with the fabrics you have bought, than to run to find the right curtains in that particular color.

Show your personality
Your home should express your character and taste and not just some clever ideas you found from others.

Do you travel? Put a stand with various postcards or some items you have bought there. Don’t stick to simple beige walls and wooden furniture.

he pandemic has put the brakes on consumer frenzy in everything from food, music and fashion to architecture and decor. Now, the search for timeless, safe, stable, quality that respects people and the environment prevails. This is also what is needed in interior design for 2022. There are three prevailing trends that architects and decorators suggest for the new year.

Nature in the foreground .
Homes are getting greener undeniably. One look at Instagram and Pinterest and you will believe the big comeback of plants. Whether it is small cactus plants adorning the office, or large-sized plants next to each other in the living room, one thing is certain: Plants have the first say in the decoration of 2022.
Earthly simplicity.
As much as in the past we loved, envied, admired various styles and decorative trends, with many shapes and colors, this year simplicity and clean lines win by far. Earthy shades, variety in textures and materials, raw unfinished surfaces, allow us to express our uniqueness by shaping our personal space. The warmth of natural wood, clay, natural fabrics such as linen and cotton are now prevailing instead of synthetic ones. Beige, terracotta, dark brown, green bring warmth and tranquility to a home.
End of sets
Yes, you read that right! Vintage used furniture with a distinct design becomes the focus for 2022. Grandma’s old trunk, a set, even a vintage sofa from the 15th century come to life again and come in 2023 to join your everyday life. Create your own style, since the wood of the old furniture allows you to process it as you want by bringing its shade close to the existing furniture in your home. So, you forgot the bed that goes with the nightstands, the dining table that goes with the combo or the sofa with the armchairs in the living room. Mix your unique vintage furniture with new designs and create the ultimate trend for 2023
Do like the Scandinavians! Scandinavians are fans of the less-is-more mentality, which is why Scandinavian decor has been, is and will be popular. The Scandinavian way of life dictates a house that is extremely clean, organized, without many unnecessary things and in elegant simplicity.

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You keep only the essentials.
What you need and love! In Scandinavian homes you won’t find a bunch of storage boxes and lots of cupboards – because they don’t think we should keep and store things… just because we might need them at some point!

To keep your house clean for a long time, without having to spend hours cleaning it, the solution is simple: everything has its place. Instead of throwing things here and there, put them right where they belong. So things don’t accumulate and cleaning the house is much easier!