Outdoor play structures: With a wide variety of playground equipment, our company ensures the ideal space for children . All instruments are certified according to EN 1176 EN1177 standard. When it comes to an outdoor playground, the design department of our company calculates all the parameters needed to place the equipment due to weather conditions, solar radiation and winds. Inflatables, trampolines, bungee trampolines, go-kart tracks, survivor toys and special constructionsare some games from the range we have to equip your space appropriately. For the playground equipment, wood with high resistance to solar radiation and moisture is used so that it does not deteriorate over time. The floor must be specially treated to ensure the necessary slopes, corridors and lighting pillars.

The appropriate study is done for structural integrity, for the underlay of the safety floor, for the electrical, and in collaboration with the architect or the engineer, we implement step by step the installation of the equipment. In places near the sea, it is necessary that the coating of the materials is based on durability and non-alteration over time.

This will determine the durability of the toy over time and the safety it provides to children. Our company has a specialized workshop for the installation of playground equipment. We provide a wide range of safe and certified toys to create the playground of your dreams.

Wood, metal or plastic? Don’t rush to answer! Read on to find out which furniture is best suited to claim a spot on your patio and garden!

Most of us are looking for outdoor furniture that has an elegant and timeless design, sturdy construction, is easy to transport and clean, and lastly, is durable in all weather conditions. However, very often we don’t know which is the right material based on the practical needs and the decorative purposes we want the furniture that ends up on our terrace and garden to fulfill. To make choosing the right furniture… an easy task, below you will find a complete guide that includes everything you need to know about their construction materials before you make the final decision.

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In general, outdoor furniture is made from both natural and man-made materials with plastic, wood, wicker and metal being the most common “protagonists”.

Advantages Wooden furniture gives your garden and terrace a warm, welcoming, elegant and natural character. At the same time, the different types of wood (teak, pine, eucalyptus, cedar, redwood, etc.) from which they are made offer incredible decorative flexibility. In general, furniture made from hardwoods tends to last longer with teak, meranti and eucalyptus (jarrah variety) lasting up to 50 years and sequoia and oak up to 25 years . Finally, if your terrace does not have awnings or any other means of shading, it is good to remember that wooden furniture is more resistant to the sun (and its heat) than plastic and metal. Disadvantages They may stand the test of time, but wood furniture needs regular maintenance with a special oil or wax. If you are a fan of wood in its raw form, do not neglect to store the furniture indoors during the winter months as it is extremely vulnerable to rot and deterioration.
Wrought Iron
Advantages: Wrought iron furniture is definitely the most classic and timeless choice. In addition to their versatile design (which ranges from classic to minimal), these pieces of furniture are highly resistant to wear and tear, do not require storage, and you can easily change their appearance by painting them. Disadvantages Wrought iron furniture is heavy and requires special care against rust and corrosion. In addition, because they tend to absorb solar radiation, they should be placed in a shady and cool place during the summer. Finally, you will need to budget for pillows since, without them, they are quite uncomfortable.

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Advantages Aluminum furniture is ideal if you are a fan of minimal and abstract decoration style. At the same time, they are extremely resistant not only to weather conditions

but also to rust, so you don’t need to store them during the winter months. At the same time, they require less maintenance, are easier to clean and are lighter than wrought iron furniture. Disadvantages Due to their high strength and ease of use, aluminum furniture is expensive.
Are you ready to welcome summer? At 3SHOP DASTERIDIS we already have a summer mood and a renewed collection of garden items. You can create your own cool oasis for this year. Think about what relaxation means to you and get the garden furniture that will frame it.

Discover from our renewed collection the new garden furniture and accessories that will breathe new life into your balcony and garden.
Add a modern garden lounge or an outdoor dining table to your terrace or garden and enjoy beautiful summer moments with your loved ones. Summertime gets even nicer when we relax on a sun lounger or a reclining garden chair. Don’t forget to add some garden cushions to the chairs and sunbeds to add extra comfort and pop of color to your outdoor space. And of course, provide shade with durable sun umbrellas.

Get cozy this year by adding cushions to the chairs and create a unique setting with colorful pots and lanterns.
The garden or surrounding area of ​​a home or business will form the first impression on everyone who arrives at your place. We at ERGON▪ST TERZAKIS can design your outdoor space, so that the first and last image is the ideal one.

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Regardless of the size of the garden, balcony or terrace, the aesthetic and functional result will be the result of a detailed study based on modern or traditional architectural trends. Our goal is to upgrade your outdoor space, adapted to the external conditions of the area, within a specific schedule and at the most competitive prices.