The right tools are your best assistant to systematically take care of your garden.

We like to deal with the land, the Mediterranean is our place, the nature is amazing and the soil is fertile. Whether the result is an oasis of greenery, or fruit, vegetables or fruit, we need the best help to get the result we want.

Basic gardening tasks
Basic gardening tasks are digging, weeding, planting, harvesting, maintenance, pruning, wood cutting, hedge and lawn trimming.

You don’t have to waste a lot of time to create the garden of your dreams. You just need the best tools . Here you will find a list of the 11+1 top gardening tools that are used on a regular basis.

Cordless pruning shears
Perhaps the most important and useful tool for the care of our garden. Even if you are a gardening amateur, a cordless pruning shears will save your hands, as it will not tire you in movement and it is certainly easier and more useful to prune trees, bushes, etc.Hoes or chisels – shovels – rakes
Taming the soil, no self-respecting gardener, novice or otherwise, is without this particular trifecta of hand tools. The shovel helps to dig and to move soil. The hoe then makes it possible to easily open holes in the soil to plant the plants from transplants and in general. The rake is the ideal garden tool for leveling soil surfaces and cleaning them of stones, leaves, etc. It is available in small and large sizes, even with a long wooden or plastic telescopic handle. Digging, weeding or planting, nothing is done without these tools!Lawnmower
It is indicated for relatively smooth lawn surfaces and is necessary to give a uniform result to our lawn. It is relatively easy and relaxing to use. Before buying a lawnmower we must take into account the area, the frequency of mowing and the morphology of the soil. There are the manual ones and the electric ones (current and battery) which are very economical, while with the petrol ones (for demanding use and with great endurance) we go up a lot in price.

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Below you will find lawn mowers from all categories, electric , battery or gasoline powered for all uses and according to your pocket.

Garden shears & pruners
And the simple garden shears or pruning shears also have their place of honor, as the shears or pruning shears are the tool that will help us to prune the small branches at any time and rid the plant of dry leaves. For tall plants we will need telescopic pruning shears (with long handles). Don’t forget that pruning is beneficial for the plants, they get the right shape, they get stronger and this results in a beautiful and rich flowering. The right pruner will help you prune your plants properly without injuring them. Here you will find a wide variety for all needs and for all wallets.

Washing machines
Clean your garden perfectly from leaves, mud, etc., with high water pressure from a washing machine that achieves incomparable savings of water, energy and time.

The characteristic that makes it different from the milling cutter is that its digging is deeper and therefore their use causes intense physical fatigue. Again our size, frequency, topography and type of work must be taken into account. You will find a wide range of diggers – milling machines after examining the power, cubic capacity, digging depth, power source and of course you will compare the very advantageous prices.

Fertilizer spreader
Fertilizers are currently very expensive and reach 30% of production costs in non-irrigated crops. Fertilizers (mainly phosphorus and potassium) do not move horizontally but stay where they fall. Therefore, if they are not properly distributed, there will be excess in some places and less than needed in others. The price of a fertilizer spreader is proportional to the area and is of course amortized with a reasonable size of arable area.


Backpack sprayer , wheeled , pre -pressure , battery or gasoline powered , you will find the sprayer that is the most convenient for you, at the best price and with sufficient features, always depending on the use you will make. Don’t forget the protective glasses and the use of a face mask.

Hedge trimmer
With the edging shears, this very useful tool, you will tame the bushes and perfect the finish (border) on them or your fence. You can give the “professional” touch of perfection, but choosing something economical.
For safety and comfort
All gardeners need a pair of good, durable garden gloves and there are many types depending on the use, such as fabric, leather or silicone coated. With gloves we protect our hands, keep them clean while garden work becomes easier. Work trousers are necessary to protect clothes from mud and dirt, as well as work glasses to protect our eyes. The garden wheelbarrow is also very useful, since it helps us carry all the heavy objects we need, such as bags of soil or fertilizer , or those we don’t need such as branches, leaves and soil, thus protecting our waist.
Growing plants and watching them grow gives great satisfaction, especially when your harvest consists of aromatic herbs ready for consumption.

The spring months are the best time for gardening , since the weather has improved and you can enjoy the sun and your garden at the same time.

The Mediterranean diet is considered the healthiest in the world and it is no coincidence that it is essentially a cuisine of aromatic herbs . Very encouraging that herbs are not “difficult” plants, so even novice gardeners can do a good and economical job, as long as they are “stubborn” with some basic rules.

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